Welcome to Melanin Moves

Greeting Goddesses and Gods welcome to Melanin Moves a one stop shop for all your hygiene needs. Formulated for men, women, and children! Everything is vegan and organic! All natural! And we have now switched to glass to help preserve the ingredients. Everything is handmade and chemical free! Black owned and woman owned!! Make a healthier switch today your body absorbs 60% of whatever you put on your skin so make a choice and choose life!!

Melanin Move’s

It’s a movement!! Inspired by our ancestors we shall continue to honor them by continuing their work! I wanted to create something for all of the children of the sun. Today we have many harsh chemicals that’s in everything we use and even eat we need to reclaim our life and restore our bodies. So with that being said I bring to you Melanin Move’s Bath & Bodyfor women, men & children. We are family from different trees and walks of life. Let’s heal together!

With love, Melanin Moves